Client Services and Prices:

The Analysis - a thorough analysis of a company, starting with the three biggest problems, through the areas of administration (personality profiles), sales and marketing, finance, operations and production, to human resources, and concluding with a customer survey.

Price - $695.00 (up to 10 interviews; 360 profiles/ 10 customers)

Executive Coaching - weekly to monthly lessons in three areas: 1) foundations (theories of memory, personality, emotions, and other concepts), 2) interactions (all types of communications), and 3) business management (managerial accounting, sales and marketing, operations, HR, administration, etc.). Individually scripted and taught, emphasizing both the underlying theories and praxis (application) to your situation. 

Price - $200.00 / for a 1 and 1/2-hour period (This allows for drive-time to your location). 

Other Services - we also will conduct group-training & seminars, customer surveys (in person or on phone), observational studies of employee's work habits, or any other type of analysis. We will also assist in the preparation / writing of all types of manuals (Operations / Marketing / HR / etc).

Price - $125.00 /hr. plus preparation / drive time / materials

Please Note Our Cancellation Policy – due to the nature of our appointments (I come to your location on a pre-set schedule) it is nearly impossible to replace a “cancelled” appointment with less than a week’s notice (think about it – how much notice do you need for our appointment?). Therefore, I charge full price if an appointment is broken on the day of the appointment and half-price if broken on the week of the appointment. I take our time together very seriously and hope you’ll do the same. Thanks.